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We currently build half the number of homes we need each year and the consequences in terms of overcrowding, thwarted ambition, rapidly rising rents and the impact of house price inflation on the management of the national economy are clear for all to see. We simply have to do better as a nation, not only because our children and grandchildren will need the homes that we should be building now, but also because greater house building will make a direct contribution to our national economic recovery.

Sir Michael Lyons The Lyons Housing Review: Mobilising across the nation to build the homes our children need, 16th October 2014

"The dominant factor in the long-term rise in spending is the growth in rents paid by claimants. High rents result in high HB awards but they also broaden the reach of the poverty trap, driving up the caseload to take in ever larger numbers of in-work claimants. "

Chartered Institute of Housing Ticking the box ... for a welfare system that works, September 2014

"I would urge them to go further, be more creative and innovative, and think how we can make every pound go further to deliver even more affordable homes. As Housing Minister I want to hear how housing associations are already doing this throughout the country, and how others can learn from them."

Brandon Lewis, Minister of State for Housing and Planning Interview for Inside Housing, 30th July 2014


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The widening gap between RPI and CPI

The low rate of CPI inflation in September means that rent increases next April will be less than many associations had planned. Looking ahead RPI is expected to continue above the rate to which rent increases will be limited at CPI + 1%. If maintenance contracts are based on RPI, this will produce a squeeze on income that will need to be met through significant efficiency savings. For more information, see the latest HRS Review.

HRS Review 60 - Housing and HR

Our publications covering the changes in the sector risk environment, with advice as to how to respond to them, are published monthly. The latest edition was sent to members on 9th October, together with a special edition reporting on the 2014 NHF Conference. If you require any additional copies of any of the HRS Reviews, please contact us on 0208 245 0737 or you can download a PDF from the members' area.

2014 Members Conference

Our ninth Members' Conference took place on 27th February at the Institute of Directors in London. In the members' area, you can find the slides and summaries of the presentations from the Conference.

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