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"I think the housing association sector has a simple choice. It was in the manifesto, the government got elected with a clear majority and they can either work with us to make this happen and recognise that the government has a democratic mandate to deliver or there can be a more confrontational relationship but that's not one we seek.”

George Osborne Evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee, 8th September 2015

"We welcome the plans to reduce social rents, which will save 1.2 million households £700 a year, but we have grave concerns about the impact on housing associations and local authorities. They will face a huge reduction in rent revenue, drastically undermining their capacity to borrow and to build."

Steven Timms, shadow employment secretary, House of Commons debate , 20th July 2015

There were a lot of good and productive initiatives in the coalition Government to promote the building of more housing and more affordable homes. It is with great regret, therefore, that I find myself so completely opposed to the Government’s proposals to extend right to buy to housing associations and to force local authorities to sell off their highest-value properties as they become vacant.

Lord Kerslake, Maiden speech to the House of Lords, 2nd June 2015


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The government turns up the heat on the sector

The long-standing political consensus on social housing has come to an end. The new government has already ripped up the previous agreement on rent increases and has plans to introduce major changes to rents for higher earners and security of tenure, as well as redirecting capital subsidy towards low-cost home ownership. If the sector does not embrace these changes, there is a threat that the government could take even more drastic action that could threaten the continued existence of housing associations as we know them today. For more information, see our latest edition of the HRS Review.

2015 Members Conference

Our tenth Members' Conference took place on 5th March at the Institute of Directors in London. Slides and summaries of the presentations from the Conference are available in the members' area.

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