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"With the partial exception of Spain, the UK is the only advanced economy in which large generation-on-generation progress on both household income and home ownership rates was a feature of the 20th century but has failed to materialise for younger generations so far in the 21st."

Resolution Foundation Cross Countries report, 22nd February 2018

"Many local authorities reported that they were engaging in housing delivery because there was no interest from housing associations in their areas and that housing associations were unwilling to take on affordable properties made available through s106 agreements, and were also being more selective about their tenants."

Professor Janice Morphet and Dr Ben Clifford, University College LondonLocal authority direct provision of housing, 4th December 2017

"Over the next five years we will commit a total of at least £44 billion of capital funding, loans and guarantees to support our housing market. To boost the supply of skills, resources, and building land. And to create the financial incentives necessary to deliver 300,000 net additional homes a year on average by the mid-2020s. "

Philip Hammond, Budget Speech, 22nd November 2017


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Home ownership is out of reach for most millenials

Concerted action is need to address the housing crisis

The housing situation for people living in England is increasingly related to a personís age, with the majority of older people owning valuable properties outright, while those from younger generations are forced to remain living with parents or to live in the private rented sector due to unaffordable house prices and a lack of social housing. This was highlighted in both the Headline Report from the English Housing Survey and a report from the Resolution Foundation, comparing the housing markets of a number of different countries.

For more information, see the latest edition of the HRS Review.

2018 Members Conference

Our thirteenth Members' Conference will take place on 5th June 2018 at the Institute of Directors in London. Slides and summaries of the presentations from the Conference will be made available in the members' area after the event.

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