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There were a lot of good and productive initiatives in the coalition Government to promote the building of more housing and more affordable homes. It is with great regret, therefore, that I find myself so completely opposed to the Government’s proposals to extend right to buy to housing associations and to force local authorities to sell off their highest-value properties as they become vacant.

Lord Kerslake, Maiden speech to the House of Lords, 2nd June 2015

"Nothing short of an entirely new approach will create a model of housing for poor, vulnerable, disabled and marginalised people that will give them secure, cheap and high quality housing choices. "

Matthew Gardiner Blog for Inside Housing, 11th May 2015

"Everyone should be able to live in a secure home, whether they rent or buy. We will make sure that at least 200,000 homes a year get built by 2020 – almost double the current level – by implementing the recommendations of the Lyons Review. It is only by building more homes that people’s aspiration for home ownership will be fulfilled. "

Labour Party Manifesto , 13th April 2015


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The 2015 Summer Budget

Getting the right response to the new rent controls

The Summer Budget of 8th July saw a number of significant risks materialise for the sector, with new statutory reductions in rental income replacing the only recently agreed settlement that rents should rise by CPI + 1% for ten years and Pay to Stay becoming compulsory and at a much lower earnings threshold. Previously well-trailed policies such as the reduction in the welfare cap were confirmed, while lifetime tenancies are now also up for review. For more information, see our special edition of the HRS Review.

Responding to the Right to Buy

Can we build enough new homes to replace those sold?

The extension of the Right to Buy policy was confirmed in the Queen's Speech but many of the details are still unknown. In the meantime, housing associations must start to estimate the likely number of homes to be sold under this scheme and plan to replace them, while retaining the threat of a legal challenge if full compensation to market value is not provided. For further information, see the latest HRS Review.

HRS Review 68 - Finance and Development

Our publications covering the changes in the sector risk environment, with advice as to how to respond to them, are published monthly. The latest edition will be sent to members in late April. If you require any additional copies of any of the HRS Reviews, please contact us on 0208 245 0737 or you can download a PDF from the members' area.

2015 Members Conference

Our tenth Members' Conference took place on 5th March at the Institute of Directors in London. Slides and summaries of the presentations from the Conference are available in the members' area.

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