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"Infrastructure is key to building homes and unlocking growth potential in our economic centres. To be internationally competitive and attract inward investment, the UK needs to inject pace and clarity into its infrastructure delivery. The government’s announcements before and during the Autumn Statement show new intent to provide long-term funding, but it remains to be seen how it can speed up delivery. "

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors RICS response to the 2014 Autumn Statement, 3rd December 2014

"The housing system will only prevent poverty from rising in England by 2040 if house-building rises to 220,000 units a year by 2040, social rents remain indexed to prices, Housing Benefit (or equivalent) continues to meet the current share of housing costs, and the decline of social renting is halted."

Joseph Rowntree Foundation What will the housing market look like in 2040?, 17th November 2014

We currently build half the number of homes we need each year and the consequences in terms of overcrowding, thwarted ambition, rapidly rising rents and the impact of house price inflation on the management of the national economy are clear for all to see. We simply have to do better as a nation, not only because our children and grandchildren will need the homes that we should be building now, but also because greater house building will make a direct contribution to our national economic recovery.

Sir Michael Lyons The Lyons Housing Review: Mobilising across the nation to build the homes our children need, 16th October 2014


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Prepare for whoever wins an unpredictable election

We are encouraging our clients to undertake scenario analysis as part of strategic planning. Our two main generic scenarios are divided by who wins May's General Election. Associations should prepare to thrive whatever the outcome while also planning to survive more difficult scenarios that might be generated by a collapse in house prices, much deeper cuts in welfare spending or a further widening of the north-south divide. For more information, see the latest HRS Review.

HRS Review 62 - Strategy, Governance and Regulation

Our publications covering the changes in the sector risk environment, with advice as to how to respond to them, are published monthly. The latest edition was sent to members on 7th January. If you require any additional copies of any of the HRS Reviews, please contact us on 0208 245 0737 or you can download a PDF from the members' area.

2014 Members Conference

Our ninth Members' Conference took place on 27th February at the Institute of Directors in London. In the members' area, you can find the slides and summaries of the presentations from the Conference.

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