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"Following on from the Grenfell Tower tragedy, we want the Government to begin an urgent and immediate review of building regulations. We cannot wait for the result of the public inquiry or coronerís report before this review is started. We have to act based on what we know now, while being prepared to revisit the building regulations again in the future if any additional lessons need to be learned."

Local Government Association, Statement, 19th July 2017

"Itís in housing that that we see most starkly the problems of inequality in this country. Between those with wealth, and those without. Between old and young. And between those with security, and those who live with uncertainty day-in day-out. The simple fact is that to put this right we need to build more homes that people want to live in, in places people want to live."

Sajid JavidSpeech to the Local Government Association, 4th July 2017

"This is not a question of waiting for the tests. Do not wait until you have a sample in and you know what the result of the test is. So far, 100% of the samples that have come in have proved to be combustible, so work on the assumption that you should be doing the fire safety checks now. "

Theresa May, Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions, 28th June 2017


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Social housing in the spotlight

While there is much for the sector to do in terms of contributing to supply, with increasing numbers of households unable to afford market housing, there is also a wider issue concerning the treatment of social tenants and welfare claimants by the government and much of the media. The Prime Minister has called for more policies to improve the lives of social tenants while David Orr of the NHF has criticised the "often corrosive" public narrative concerning these groups.

For more information, see the latest edition of the HRS Review.

2017 Members Conference

Our twelfth Members' Conference took place on 2nd March 2017 at the Institute of Directors in London. Slides and summaries of the presentations from the Conference are available in the members' area.

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