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"We want to help people who work hard and want to get on in life but have been priced out of the housing market. A 20% discount off the price could be a real game-changer for many aspiring home-owners. My message is clear: we are on your side and we will help you fulfil your dream of buying your first home. "

David Cameron Launch of Starter Home scheme, offering 20 per cent discounts to first-time buyers, 28th February 2015

"Registered providers should have a clear understanding of their risk tolerances and ensure that they are appropriate to the scale and nature of the activities they are undertaking and their role as a registered provider. Registered providers should be able to identify the capital at risk from any investment activities, and ensure that investment is priced at such a level with a rate of return which is commensurate to the level of risk presented."

Homes and Communities Agency Governance and Financial Viability Standard code of practice , 30th January 2015

In the DPDP, tenants’ financial circumstances emerged as a key driver of arrears. Tenants in precarious financial situations – with low or fluctuating incomes, or who had experienced negative income shocks, or who had existing debt – were most vulnerable to arrears under direct payment.

The Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research Direct Payment Demonstration Projects: Key findings of the programme evaluation, 18th December 2014


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Starter Home scheme will offer 20 per cent discounts to first-time buyers

Scheme funded by exempting development from S.106

On 28th February, the government launched its Starter Homes initiative, under which first-time buyers could purchase a newly-built property at a 20 per cent discount. The properties will be built on brownfield sites and will be exempt from Section 106 contributions. A Design Panel has produced some 'exemplar new build styles' to be used on these development. For more information, see the latest HRS Review.

HRS Review 64 - Strategy, Governance and Regulation

Our publications covering the changes in the sector risk environment, with advice as to how to respond to them, are published monthly. The latest edition was sent to members on 9th February. If you require any additional copies of any of the HRS Reviews, please contact us on 0208 245 0737 or you can download a PDF from the members' area.

2015 Members Conference

Our tenth Members' Conference took place on 5th March at the Institute of Directors in London. Slides and summaries of the presentations from the Conference will be posted in the members' area after the event.

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