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"We have seen a number of situations that have got close to the wire, where the housing association could have walked away earlier [from loss-making subsidiaries] but didn’t. We will be asking associations to be honest: what would you be prepared to walk away from and what wouldn’t you? If you’re not prepared to walk away, then how much money are you prepared to put into it?"

Jonathan Walters, Homes & Communities Agency Speech to NHF Finance Conference, 19th March 2014

"We need also to banish complacency, precisely because we have such strong social purpose. Good isn’t good enough. We have an imperative to drive efficiencies through our businesses knowing that every pound saved is a pound invested in someone’s home, neighbourhood or service. And we need as individual businesses to be transparent about what our objectives are and how we’ll achieve them."

David Orr, National Housing Federation Blog, 24th February 2014

What a catalogue of disasters: the bedroom tax applied illegally to thousands of people; refunds that will be demanded and quite rightly paid; thousands paid a discretionary housing allowance by mistake and not obliged to repay the cash; and people forced to move house from areas they have lived in all of their lives.

Lord McAvoy speaking in the House of Lords, 14th January 2014


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The sector needs to tell a better story ...

... in VFM self-assessments and elsewhere

At both the HRS Members' Conference and the NHF Finance Conference, repeated mention was made of the poor image of the housing association sector in political circles and the need to address this. At the latter event, David Orr of the NHF called for organisations to think about what they would look like in twenty years time and how this could be achieved, while Mick Warner of the HCA said that the sector could tell a better story through its Value for Money self-assessments, which need to cover return on assets, the achievement of efficiency gains and the basis for future plans. HRS Review.

HRS Review 53 - Finance and Development

Our publications covering the changes in the sector risk environment, with advice as to how to respond to them, are published monthly. The latest edition was sent to members on 2nd April. If you require any additional copies of any of the HRS Reviews, please contact us on 0208 245 0737 or you can download a PDF from the members' area.

2014 Members Conference

Our ninth Members' Conference will take place on 27th February at the Institute of Directors in London. Further details will be posted here shortly. In the members' area, you can find the slides and summaries of the presentations from the 2013 Conference.

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