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Since 2001, we have undertaken a number of projects with the regulatory bodies overseeing the social housing domain.

The first of these was the production of methodology review paper, "The Quantification of Risk" in October 2001.  This paper discusses alternative approaches to quantification and proposes a method for deriving the total corporate risk in an organisation's business plan.

In September 2003, the Housing Corporation published our report on the Risk Data Sharing Project.  Here we collected risk materialisation experience across a sample of 50 RSLs and found that a considerable number of significant risk events occurred in these associations over a twelve month period.

In 2004, we assisted the Corporation with the design and implementation of risk-based regulation, including developing a risk profile model to differentiate between high and low risk associations and producing a detailed risk map for the sector.

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"Registered providers shall ensure that they have an appropriate, robust and prudent business planning, risk and control framework. "

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