Our membership service for housing associations is designed to help members to pursue strategies appropriate to their corporate objectives, capacity and the operating environment. We provide comprehensive information on key risks in the sector, changes in them over time and appropriate methods of control.

All members benefit from:

  • Monthly HRS Reviews, covering strategic issues and changes in the sector risk profile with advice on how to respond to them. These are organised on a quarterly cycle between Strategy, Leadership & Governance; Finance & Development; and Housing, Support and HR
  • An annual review of the organisation's risk map, including a meeting on your premises to discuss the findings of our analysis and a letter of assurance for your board.
  • A number of hours of inclusive consultancy, which could include a seminar for your board and / or executive team on emerging sector risks and regulatory requirements, or help with the identification of system improvements and management of key risks.
  • Access to a set of best practice controls for all of the key risks we have identified in the sector.
  • Other technical information and support, by phone or via the members' area of the website, for those co-ordinating risk management activities
  • A 10% discount on our fee rates for other consultancy services
  • Networking opportunities with other members, including our annual HRS members' conference

Each year, members using our demist risk management software also receive:

  • An upload of our current data on the key risks in the sector and their causes and consequences
  • An upgrade to the demist database as new functionality is introduced

The cost of the service is on a sliding scale depending on the size of the organisation.

Please contact us if you are considering subscribing to our membership service and let us have your comments on the services being offered.  The service can be tailored to meet your own specific requirements.



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