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Managing Consultant

Chris Mansfield has worked housing, care and support for more than thirty years, with the last twenty years spent focussing on risk and strategy. He joined Hargreaves Risk and Strategy (HRS) as a Senior Consultant in 2004 and was promoted to Managing Consultant in 2007. His achievements at HRS include:

  • Devising the model for assessing the risk of each association to the regulator which was used in banding associations for different levels of regulatory scrutiny
  • Introducing, researching, writing and editing the HRS Review, a monthly publication identifying the main issues and changes in the sector and their implications for housing associations, along with advice as to how to respond to them
  • Development of the Demist risk management database from a very simple model to a more sophisticated and yet more user-friendly tool, providing a valuable resource for organisations of all shapes and sizes
  • Making conference presentations and providing training sessions to boards, audit committees, management teams and front line staff
  • Devising the concept of outcome-based risk mapping in the sector, with a smaller number of key risks linked to a documented set of underlying causes. This enabled clients to reduce the size of their risk maps and to transfer the focus of their risk management process from assessment to control and management
  • Developing the software for a credit assessment model for housing associations, with powerful analytical and reporting features
  • Developing an approach to risk appetite combining qualitative statements with quantitative measures across all material risk exposures of an organisation

Previously, Chris was Group Risk Manager for Metropolitan Housing Trust for seven years and, prior to that, the Assistant Director of a specialist care and support provider. He has also had spells on the board of two housing associations, Carr Gomm, a care / support specialist, and Greenfields Community Housing, a stock transfer association using the community gateway model.


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