We offer a wide range of services to our clients with the aim of assisting them to achieve their corporate goals. We describe here a number of standard products but each of these can be (and usually are!) adjusted and tailored to meet the individual needs of different organisations.

We offer a comprehensive and integrated group of risk management services, from evaluation of your existing systems and risk maps through implementation of our own widely-used methodology to assisting clients to embed risk management into their operational activities.

We are able to assist organisations to choose the correct overall strategy in the light of their strengths and weaknesses and the wider environment.  In some cases, organisations will be considering entering into mergers or group structures and we have particular skills and knowledge to assist in choosing the right option in these cases.

Changes in the regulatory framework, including the introduction of the Regulatory Code and the implementation of risk-based regulation, mean that there is an increasing importance attached to governance.  We can advise you on effective governance and delegation arrangements and how to integrate risk management with internal audit.

Our experience with devising tools to enable regulators to implement risk-based regulation in the Housing Corporation enables us to advise regulators in other sectors on how this may be achieved.

In addition to our consulting activities, we also run a series of seminars in risk-related topics for board members, executives and risk managers of housing associations.

A cost-effective way to keep your risk map up-to-date and ensure that your risk management activities are both embedded and continuous is to subscribe to our membership service.  Combined with our demist risk management software, this will place you at the forefront of risk management in the housing association sector.


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