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board skills and capabilities

In current circumstances, when the environment in which associations operate is changing rapidly and competition is increasing, it is vital that an association is well governed.  Its Board needs to have the capacity to execute its role well, so that it effectively sets strategic direction and ensures that its goals are being achieved.  We have recently developed tools to enable us to assist associations in reviewing the effectiveness of their governance arrangements.

We do this by addressing the following six issues:

. Does the Board have the necessary structure, systems, membership and support to function effectively?
. Are the Board and senior management clear about organisational goals and working together effectively to achieve them?
. Does the Board give effective leadership and control and have a wide range of skills and experience?
. Is the governing body supported by appropriate governance and executive arrangements in order to improve its own performance and that of the organisation?
. Does the Board control the strategic direction of the association through a business plan that makes reasonable assumptions about the environment, can withstand the impact of reasonably foreseeable risks, and only undertakes new ventures after a comprehensive assessment of the risks and the establishment of appropriate controls?
. Does the RSL have a comprehensive and effective risk management system?

In addressing the above issues we will use pre-prepared lists of subsidiary questions.  These questions are based on a detailed statistical analysis over the last two years of all the reasons why associations have been given yellow and red lights in their Housing Corporation Assessments.  The questions point the way to both potential problems and to their solutions.

 We are confident that by addressing the above issues an association can reduce significantly the risk of things going wrong.  At the same time, the association will improve the probability that it will be awarded an 'A' grade in the Governance section of their Housing Corporation Assessment.


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